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Del Monte

delmonteDel Monte is an American company that specializes in processed food and beverage products. They have recently entered the Indian market in a tie up with Bharti Enterprises and have already managed to capture a large portion of the market.

Del Monte has many ranges of products that are fresh, of superior quality and packaging that is perfect for food services. Their range comprises of:

  • Packaged Fruits
  • Fruit Drinks
  • Ketchup & Sauces
  • Italian Range
  • Olive & Olive Oil
Del Monte Del Monte


daburDabur, a homegrown company is synonymous with good health in a natural way. So it is no surprise that their food product range is a one of the best in the country, with juices that are made of fresh fruit, and products that are a brand on its own. Some of their star products are:

  • Real Juices
  • Active Juice
  • Dabur Honey
  • Capisco
  • Cornflour
  • Lemoneez
dabur dabur dabur


elmacElmac has become a household name in every family for delicacy of processed foods, pickles & chutneys. Elmac has captured the "True Taste'' of these authentic recipes, tastes guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning palate.

Their delicacies based on home recipe and made under modern technology & high standards of quality control are served and relished worldwide. They have an international reputation for consistently producing superb quality products and maintaining the highest of manufacturing standards. Elmac offers you the "True Taste" to satisfy your demands.

elmac elmac elmac


cremicaCremica provides unparalleled expertise in product development, ingredient substitution and product customization. With an extensive industry experience spanning three decades, Cremica today serves as a one-stop solutions provider to all the leading food service chains, food retail chains, hotels groups and airlines in the country. The company’s value proposition lies in the fact that it can deliver better quality products at the same price. Its core competence in this business arises from its extensive product development and R&D capabilities, its team of experienced food technologists and its plants, which are specifically designed for food service applications.

  • Salad Dressing
  • Sauces
  • Bread Spreads
  • Chutneys
  • Desserts
  • Savory Gravies
cremica cremica cremica


cremicaMonin is the world's largest and best-known producer of premium flavorings for beverage and culinary applications. With over 100 natural flavors, Monin provides the elements to serve creative, great tasting offerings for the on-premise operator. Recipes, point of sale merchandising materials and customized drink development are all available to help translate Monin flavors into profitable sales and satisfied guests.

monin monin monin

Catch Spices

catchCatch Spices is India’s foremost spices brand known for its matchless product quality and innovative approach. Catch spices are ground using the unique state-of-the-art Low Temperature Grinding (LTG) technology, which prevents the evaporation of volatile & delicate oils from spices. Catch Spices thus retain the original aroma and wholesome flavour of authentic spices.

The complete assortment comprises of a variety of salt and pepper sprinklers and a diverse range of whole, ground and blended spices. Catch Spices are packed in food grade metal-lined cartons, flexible laminates and convenient composite cans available in a variety of pack sizes.

catch catch catch

Custom Culinary

customCustom Culinary® bases, gravies and sauces are offered in a variety of easy-to-use formats including pastes, concentrates, frozen, ready-to-use and dry mixes. By offering a wide array of flavors and formats, Custom Culinary, Inc. strives to be the leading provider of culinary flavor systems to the foodservice industry.

They have an array of sauces, bases and gravies that help the chef experiment and take dishes to the next level. They are dedicated to crafting sauces, bases, gravies and other culinary flavor systems that are authentic and that deliver uncompromising true taste every time.

custom custom custom

Marvel Foods

cheesePerfect for industrial cake manufacturing units, Marvel Foods offers a variety of cake gels improver based on the kind of cake fan need. Marvel Foods cake gels help in prove volume, texture and stability. They also enhance prolonged freshness.

cheese cheese cheese

Narang Group

narangNarang Group is an Indian Group that in individual capacity and in its joint venture with Groupe Danone owns some of the prestigious brands in India. They are the proud owners of Qua, the No.1 premium natural mineral water in India. The latest addition under their health & wellness still beverage portfolio is B'LUE, a water-based restoration drink. They also distribute Perrier water.

Alongside, in their partnership, they also have the world class tea company- Twinings in their portfolio. Available in various flavors, Twinings has impeccable taste and quality.

narang narang narang


gaiaGAIA was founded on the belief that nature, through the earth's diversity of flora and fauna, offers us the best solutions for all our health and personal care needs.

Combining the miracles of nature with the wonders of science, Gaia produces a range of nutritional supplements and natural substitutes which aid the body's natural regeneration. Our current portfolio includes nutritional supplements, green teas, green ice teas, muesli, cookies, Stevia tablets and sachets as well as health bars.

gaia gaia gaia